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Enterprise development is the last word, product quality is the last word. Integrity and win-win situation, integrity of life, integrity work, integrity management, and seek common development。

Zhejiang Feist Pneumatic Equipment Co., Ltd. since its inception in 2011, in the community to support the care and the joint efforts of all staff, after years of entrepreneurship and development, research and development, production and sales as one of professional pneumatic enterprises。

Entrepreneurial spirit and business philosophy

Core values: integrity and win-win, integrity of life, integrity work, integrity management, and seek common development.
Entrepreneurial spirit: "pragmatic, innovative, shame, sensitive line" spirit of enterprise.
Enterprise goals: to build a market network, to create an international brand; to build a good team, to achieve scientific management; lead the trend of the cup, the achievements of a hundred years.
Quality: good at the details of the process, the pursuit of quality improvement.
Environmental protection policy: energy-saving pollution reduction, full participation; law-abiding, the pursuit of perfection.

Corporate culture cohesion, brand value to promote action. In the development process, the company attaches great importance to the shaping of corporate culture and brand building, from the details to start business cohesion, and as an important principle to carry out each business activities, and gradually formed a unity, integrity, pragmatic and innovative business philosophy And corporate culture core, and deeply rooted in every one of our hearts.

In the future development process, Feste pneumatic sets will, as always, adhering to the endless innovation, service non-stop business philosophy, by further strengthening the standardized management, building elite team, cultivate advanced culture, build high-quality brand, to ensure business continuity , Healthy, high-speed development. And continue to grow and develop in the process, will continue to create a better living environment, to provide multi-faceted quality service, internal staff to create a good platform for the development of their own responsibility, continue to create value for the community, and constantly promote the company's own development! Feste pneumatic sets, and look forward to working with colleagues from all walks of life to work together to write a magnificent new chapter!

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