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Dear customers, in order to provide you with quality and efficient information services, and continuously improve the quality of our services, we solemnly make the following commitments, please your service and work to be supervised and supported.

Service target

So that customer satisfaction, so that customers be assured, wholeheartedly for customer service, continuous improvement, and continuously improve service quality.

Service Hotline

Company service hotline:0086-577-6290 6887 0086-577-6278 6075

Technical support acceptance and resolution

30 minutes or less of the workload of <1 working day; 2 hours of workload <2 working days, due to complex reasons can not be resolved in a timely manner to the user to explain the situation.

Service concept

We believe that there is no perfect individual only perfect team. In the customer service force, we completely provide customers with real service, always waiting in the phone next to, always listen to feedback from customers, to provide one-on-one customer service. Because customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit. We firmly believe that the unity of the team, in order to more perfect together for customers to create the most professional service guarantee!

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