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PVC pipe PU pipe PE pipe PP tube what is the difference between them

Date:2017.10.03  Views:3539

1, PVC pipe and the difference between the PU tube:
In the footwear, PVC leather used in the lining or non-weight parts, or the manufacture of childrens shoes; PU leather can be applied to the footwear fabric or bear the weight of the site. In the bag, the more suitable for the PVC leather. This is because the items in the bag are different from those that are worn in the shoe and do not dissipate heat; do not bear the weight of the individual.
PU, PVC difference is easier, from the corner to see PU at the end of cloth than PVC thick, feel there are differences, PU feel soft; PVC feel harder; can also use the fire to burn, PU Taste much lighter than the taste of PVC.
2, PE pipe with PVC pipe on the appearance of the difference:
PVC and PE are all olefins, PVC is polyvinyl chloride, is the most important of the three olefins, PE is polyethylene, divided into low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene and linear low density polyethylene Species.
PE pipe stiffness is not enough, more than toughness
PVC is now out of the product, because he is more brittle, and PE flexibility is better, relatively large pressure is now used for water supply, drainage. Gas pipe and the connection is relatively easy to use hot melt welding connection strength is higher than their own strength


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