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PU tube, PU pneumatic hose, PU spring telescopic tube

Date:2017.10.03  Views:2797
PU tube, PU pneumatic hose, PU spring telescopic tube

PU tube is the polyurethane tube, sub-tube and hose and transparent tube, etc., the main feature is the tube has excellent soft characteristics, can get the minimum bending radius, quite suitable for the use of small space in the pipe, good toughness, low temperature performance , Good bending resistance, good flexibility, can be transparent, used for low temperature air-conditioning refrigerant pipe, air hydraulic pipe, fluid pipe, water pipe and spring tube. It is mainly made of polyurethane elastomer processing, through extrusion, injection and other processes for production. Production process with the raw materials, products, equipment and different.

PU tube with excellent resistance to high pressure, anti-vibration, wear resistance, weather resistance, resistance to twists and turns performance, light; PU tube easy to use and flexible, easy to pipe operations, internal and external diameter precision control high; Durable, easy to stretch, easy to use, with excellent temperature insulation and superior bending performance!
Austa tube specializing in the production of PU tube, PU hose, pneumatic hose, polyurethane PU air hose, polyurethane PU spring telescopic tube, PU tube with high wear resistance, scratch resistance, puncture resistance and tear Cracking, impact resistance, tensile strength and elongation. Welcome new and old customers to order PU tube products.

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